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Software to Sort Photos

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Description:   Software to Sort Photos (Get Photo Sorter to sort Photos, Pictures and Images). Photo sorter- is a photo sorting program that can sort photos by date taken (and by many other ways), sort pictures and sort images.How to sort photos? How to sort pictures and graphic files? To sort photos, automatically rename photos and organize photo files you should download Photo sorter. Sort Photos - Download photo sorter at
Photo sorter now can sort photos, made by camera of Any type:
~ Sort photos, made by Canon cameras
~ Sort pictures, made by Nikon cameras
~ Also sort images, sort graphic files, made by Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic and other cameras
With Photo Sorter you can:
~ Automatically Sort Photos (sort photos by Date taken and using Other ways)
~ Auto Rename Photo files
~ Automatically Organize photo files
~ Create folders and sub-folders
~ Import photos and videos from the device's photo library (multiple selection available)
~ Modify the compression rate of the imported photos
~ Have your imported photos and videos automatically and incrementally numbered with the current directory name
~ Cut, copy, paste, delete, and rename folders, photos and videos
~ Easily export/import folders, photos and videos to/from your computer
(supported file formats at import: tiff, tif, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, BMPf, ico, cur, xbm, mov, mp4, mpv, 3gp)
~ Email photos and videos
~ Copy photos and videos to clipboard
~ Upload photos and videos to the camera roll
~ Upload photos and videos to Facebook
~ View your photos in their original resolution after few seconds with no move
~ View your videos in high quality
~ Mirror it on an external display (only for iOS 3.2 or later & requires an AV or VGA cable)
~ Print photos wirelessly (only for iOS 4.2 or later & multitasking & AirPrint compatible printers)
Sort Photos-Download photo sorter at

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